Mojito; the classic rum cocktail

Mojito; the classic rum cocktail

As far as rum cocktails go, you cannot beat the iconic Mojito! – the mojito rum cocktail has been a classic for years. You can use any type of rum to make many types of mojitos.

Mojito cocktails are made with white rum traditionally. White rum comes from the Caribbean. White rum is made from sugar molasses and makes rum cocktails.

I remember the first time I made a mojito cocktail. It was a classic rum cocktail with ice, mint, and rum of course. Over the years I would learn how to make lots of different types of mojitos.

Mojito means magic. A mojito is a rum classic cocktail.

You can use different types of rum in a mojito. A mojito can be made shaken or built.

I can now make over 10 different types of mojitos.

Mojito rum cocktails are known for drinking in hot places. Cuba is the birthplace of the mojito cocktail.

I can make the classic mojito, the raspberry mojito, the strawberry mojito, the Victorian mojito, the pink mojito, the americano mojito and many more mojitos.

Ice is very important to the mojito. It must be crushed to help add the right amount of dilution and temperature.

Rum is important to the mojito. White rum is more commonly known but you can also use aged rum. Rum comes in different ages and from different islands.

My favourite type of rum to use in a mojito is bacardi white rum.

The last time I had a mojito cocktail was in ibiza. It was a hot day on the beach, and everyone was drinking a mojito. They are tall and refreshing. Bartenders hate making mojitos. They are time consuming, but the customer will always enjoy a mojito!

Rum cocktails and popular for party style drinking. I have more fun when I drink rum.

Citrus is important to the mojito. You can either squeeze it or muddle it. I prefer to squeeze the lime in my mojito. The person who taught me how to make this rum classic cocktail this way was andy Gemmell. He is from Glasgow and he said if you squeeze the lime you can measure it better and make the mojito cocktail more balanced and taste like a mojito should.

The mint in a mojito. Without mint a mojito would not be a mojito! The mint should be fresh, and you should use the larger leaves from the stalk.

The mojito cocktail is muddled with all ingredients and then the rum is added to this rum classic cocktail.

So, you can see why the mojito is called magic! It tastes like magic! I am not sure if it is the rum or everything else that goes into the drink.


Someone once asked me how I would drink my mojito. My dream is to one day drink a mojito on a beach in Cuba with my wife and child. The famous hat and maybe a cigar although I am not a smoker lol. I think it is more the image in my head on how mojitos should be drunk. Like a Ferrari driven in Italy.

What if a mojito was served in a small glass without mint? That is not a mojito. It is a caipirinha cocktail. I prefer the mojito. Easier to drink and the rum is sweeter.

A little bit about rum now. The main ingredient in a mojito. There are so many rums on the market now. Spiced rum is now making big waves and you can see people ordering more rum cocktails. Spiced rum is amazing in a mojito!

The type of rum you choose should be first about how heavy you like your rum. Think like vodka to whiskey style drinking. If you are a vodka drinker then you should be using a white rum. Made similar and is very smooth and easy to drink. It is perfect for mixing in cocktails and should give you less of a hangover although I think this is a myth.

Aged rum in a mojito can taste great. a light 3-year-old rum has the best of both worlds of rum. It can make a mojito taste with character and can also add depth to the mojito.

If you like whiskey and aged liquid, then an old rum would be more suited for your mojito. But be warned, this can make the mojito taste strange as the rum is made more for sipping. But I believe no one should be told how to drink their rum.

Conclusion – the mojito is the most classical and most consumed rum cocktail in the world. Easy to make and certainly easy to drink.

You can use many types of rum in your mojito depending on how you want it to taste.

Where you enjoy your rum can also make an impact on how you make it.

Enjoy mojitos like I do, I love rum and rum loves me.

Mojito and rum go hand in hand, and I could not imagine a better rum cocktail to suggest to my customers!

If you want to learn more about my mojito recipes please get in contact, I can also help you choose your rum.

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