How to Serve My Cocktail?

This section will be all about how to improve your cocktails at home all using the contents of your kitchen!



This cocktail is the ultimate drink, the base will be a very good quality American bourbon. A dash of angostura bitters, laced with our favourite Amaro. The perfect serve for this would be in a short glass with plenty of ice. Simply pour its really that easy.. 

Garnish: Take a potato peeler to an orange peel a good sized bit of orange & twist. Let the aromas of the orange fill the drink by twisting and squeezing over the top of the glass. Or a simple maraschino cherry! YUM! 



This cocktail was created in SOHO in the 1980's and it is definitley punchy. We use London Dry Gin & blackberries. The perfect serve for this one would be shaken over lots of crushed ice, simply pop ice into a tea towel fold & smack with a rolling pin. If you want something a bit fancier add 50ml of Bramble mix to a champagne flute and top with bubbles. 

Garnish: Blackberries, mint sprig, dust of icing sugar. 



The Passionfruit Martini (Pornstar) is the Queen Elizabeth of the cocktail world, this fruity delicious cocktail is perfectly served in a coupe or a martini. Perfectly served with a shot of Prosecco/champagne on the side. Shake vigoursly & strain for the perfect serve. 

Garnish: Prosecco/champagne shot on the side & passion fruit half on top of the drink. 



We have taken the Espresso Martini and cranked it up a notch! This is the perfect dessert substitute or pre night out drink. Shake this bad boy with lots of ice & strain into a coupe/martini glass. Top tip! - put your coupe into the freezer a few hours before serving to impress your guests. 

Garnish: Coffee Beans, Dusted Chocolate powder, or a cheeky biscuit perfect for dunking. 



This cocktail is simply fresh, fruity and vibrant & certainly packs a punch! We have made this drink so it can be served in many different ways at home. If you like a strong punchy tequila cocktail then simply shake, strain & serve in a coupe/martini glass. If you prefer something longer and refreshing, grab a high ball fill with plenty of ice. Top half way with our pink grapefruit margarita and top with soda. Our all time favourite cocktail Paloma! 

Garnish: Grapefruit wheel, orange skin, rosemary (Paloma)



Not much to do with this one, we have done all the stirring for you! However if Negronis aren't your thing but you like bitter drinks we have you covered. Low and behold the Negroni Spagliato, simply grab a high ball top with plenty of ice pour half Negroni mix and half sparkling wine/prosecco. And voila! 

Garnish: Dried orange wheel, orange skin. 



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