The New Cocktail Delivery Company

Who would have guessed 6 months ago that everyone would be getting cocktails delivered to their door?

There has been a surge in cocktail delivery companies over the past month, with new businesses cropping up every week- we know, we are one of them!

So, what’s the story of this new cocktail delivery company?

Well, not only did we used to work with one another, but we are also neighbours! In the midst of darkest lockdown, we decided to bring a bit of joy to friends and family nearby, by making and shaking cocktails and delivering them straight to the door. It wasn’t a business idea, but after the initial feedback we thought- why not!?

Within two days we had designed the branding, ordered the bottles, and got all of the ‘legals’ ticked off. Within a week we had soft launched our cocktail delivery business! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy, and at only one month old, we are learning and developing each day. Cocktail delivery comes with its own set of issues! We didn’t know what to expect. How many people would want cocktail delivery? What were other cocktail deliveries doing that we weren’t? Did people in North Norfolk want cocktails delivered to their door? Was it the right time to launch cocktail deliveries?

Well, the answer is yes, and the orders flocked in. We were delivering cocktails every Thursday, Friday and Saturday by foot, bike and car. I can say now, even though lockdown is still on, it saved us! We weren’t working, we don’t have kids (although one is on the way); needless to say, we were bored. Posting about our brand, with its bright yellow colours- and seeing everyone’s happy faces each time we made a cocktail delivery…well, it made us happy-and it still does!

Who knows wat the future will bring? Who knows if cocktail delivery companies will carry on growing? Who knows if cocktail delivery will fade out once bars re-open?


Our opinion? Of course, people will still go to bars. We cannot wait for them to reopen, but we are hoping cocktail delivery is here to stay. We are loving it for sure!


Fresh or Not?

There are mixed reviews on whether shaking the cocktails before bottling is needed or not. Most cocktail delivery companies you will notice either don’t contain fresh juices or have been pasteurised. You can tell this from the label, from the shelf life and of course, if you are instructed to keep them refrigerated or not.


Our Pornstar Martini

We tried for ages and are still in talks about whether or not we should take out the fresh ingredients. It certainly comes with its issues. For one, the shelf life is much lower than what the big cocktail delivery brands are kicking out. Secondly, they have to be kept refrigerated- which has made our venture into Nationwide cocktail delivery a bit more complex. However, after talks on how to change our products and make them like everyone else- we thought, why not keep it! This can be our USP. Let’s be loud and proud about the fact that are cocktails are fresh and delivered ready to drink. We found the customers actually liked the fact that they are made to order, and delivered fresh, chilled and ready to pour. Nobody seemed to mind the shelf life as we have no minimum order, and 8/10 of our customers drank the cocktails on the day of delivery! Let’s shout about the fact that we are one of the few cocktail delivery companies who make our cocktails to order and deliver fresh.



Don’t forget; for your fresh, made to order cocktails; place an order now. We will delivery straight to your door, with no minimum order (as long as you are in the North Norfolk and Norwich area). Keep an eye on our social media for news on our Nationwide fresh cocktail delivery coming soon!


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